Summary of City of Surprise Council Seat Vacancy…

This is an article that was published like a hour or two before I put in my application papers for the vacancy, and they have since added my name to the article. However, I’m still awaiting to talk with them.. you know, whenever they want to talk with me. (hint, hint, wink, wink, call me k?)

This article covers what’s going on and why the position I am applying for clearly. I wish Mr. Williams good journey in his future endeavors, and he has served our district ably for the last 10 years.

I also started an interesting discussion in Surprise Matters, a closed Facebook group, on what they wanted to do in general when it came to Surprise. The discussion was civil and brought many insights to everyone involved, and I think that it should be a main part– having an councilman be more involved in social media to be more closer to their constituents. If you wanted to read the conversation, head over to… and look for my post (sadly, I cant link it directly here..)

Thats all for this Sunday. I will be posting more this week, including challenges I will face, what solutions I will have to resolve, and how we all can work to make Surprise a better city.

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